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We help women entrepreneurs confidently navigate their way in today's crowded chaos of brands and media through strategic design so that they can stand out and attract their dream clients.

"I'm so excited with the brand that they've created. They did a lot of market research to be sure that the colors that they picked, the logos that they chose, and the fonts that they picked all really spoke to the ideal client.
It wasn't just something pretty.
It all had a purpose."

Nicole Magelssen

You deserve a brand you are proud of.


Our Services

Website Design

Starts at 1495 USD

Brand Strategy & Identity

Starts at 1395 USD

Social Media Content

Starts at 395 USD

Nicole M., CO | Alpine Virtual

Since they created this new brand for me, I have had an influx of ideal clients. The branding they created really matches who we are as a company. I can't recommend Breo Branding Studio enough. They do fantastic work, and I'm just so excited that I got to work with them.

Brand Identity Design


We firmly believe that nothing can stop a woman on a mission.


Our mission is to find opportunities to connect, partner, and give valuable service to women founders around the globe.

It is our priority to provide your business with value-based, strategic, and client-focused solutions. We have years of experience and are highly skilled in brand strategy, brand identity design, and brand development.

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Meet the Founder


Hey there, I'm Jasmine, the Founder and Creative Director of Breo Branding Studio.

I've spent years making my way through the business world (and then some) as an entrepreneur, graphic designer, marketer, and strategist. I grew up in a family of artists, so it wasn't long before my passion for design became a passion for branding—and then a passion for helping other women-owned businesses build brands they can be proud of.

I love working with clients who are excited about what they do, and who want to make their mark on the world through their products or services. If you're ready to take your brand to the next level (or if you just need someone to help guide you through the process), please get in touch!

When I'm not working on branding for my clients, you'll find me hanging out with my four cats, reading a book, or watching true crime documentaries (I have a real thing for murder mysteries).

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